It’s The Little Things In Life


This is one of the things that my Mom said often. I believed her when I was a child and I still believe her now. She is an incredible inspiration.

It has given the ability to see little wonders in everyday life. The little things that are considered miracles seem to happen quite often.

It can be as simple as getting a parking space or something large that is totally unexpected as a gift.

Either way it is something that is acknowledged and appreciated.

The more these little miracles are acknowledged the more frequent they seem to happen.

It does not mean that things are always wonderful, yet the focus on the things that are wonderful seems to make life easier. The gift of having the ability to see and acknowledge more synchronicity happening each day warms the heart.

The blessings rain down in very profound ways as a focus and appreciation of the little miracles increases.

May you be blessed with love, hope and trust in your life as you acknowledge little miracles each day.

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